Fee tail

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Fee tail——限嗣继承不动产、指定继承人的不动产
an old feudal expression for a title to real property which can only be passed to one's heirs "of his body" or certain heirs who are blood relatives. If the blood line ran out (no children) then the title would revert to the descendants of the lord who originally gave the land to the title-holding family. Thus, it could not be transferred to anyone outside the family. The intention was to keep lands within a family line and not subdivided. In 16th century England, trusts were established to get around this "restraint on alienation" so the land could be held in trust for another person to use. Fee tail is of historic and academic interest only.
【注】 美国的财产法认为,不动产权所有人所拥有的并不是土地本身,而是对于土地的产权(estate)。这些土地产权主要包括非限定继承不动产(fee simple)、限嗣继承不动产(fee tail)、终身产权(life estate)、未来权益(future interests)、定期租赁(tenancy for years)、定期续租(periodic tenancy)、不定期租赁(tenancy at will)等等;还包括不动产的几种共同所有形式以及地役权(easements)、随土地转移的约定(covenants running with land)和基于衡平法的地役权(equitable servitudes)。